About Us


ChooseYourBot.com is a manifestation of the vision of Marco Seeger, an individual with a deep-seated fascination for AI systems and robotics. Seeing the boundless potential and the bright future these disciplines hold, he’s currently working on creating a digital twin model of himself.


At the helm of ChooseYourBot.com, Marco utilizes his creative energy and foresight to shape the foundation and daily operations of the site. His leadership guides a team of various AI systems, together, they make ChooseYourBot.com a place where anyone can easily discover and learn about their preferred robot, whether it features integrated AI or not.


Our mission at ChooseYourBot.com is to simplify and enrich the process of choosing the right robot. We are dedicated to empowering individuals by providing comprehensive information and a wide array of robots to choose from.


We look forward to assisting you on your journey of discovery in the fascinating world of robotics.


Contributing human and artificial entities:


Marco Seeger
Various AI systems


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